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Megahome Corp.

Megahome Corp. has been manufacturing the MH943 countertop water distiller for over 20 years. The concept for the MH943 came from their own desire and necessity to have pure and safe drinking water. After looking at all other forms of water filters they decided on distillation as the most effective method available and went on to design the MH943. They began producing and distributing this distiller in 1993. In 1993 they began with a production line of only 4-5 employees, increasing today to over 20. By today's standards this is still a small manufacturer, which is one reason their product is of such high quality. The MH943 countertop distiller is the only product they produce and have been producing since 1993. 

In 1999 our company (Nutriteam) began a relationship with Megahome and introduced the MH943 to the US market. They added UL listing (Underwriters Laboratory) to their list of of approved safety standards to ensure a safe product for American consumers. Over the next decade we formed a close relationship with Megahome and together refined the MH943 into the best and most popular countertop distiller on the market. Today, you will find Megahome distillers all over, including Amazon, Ebay, lots of youtube videos, various websites, dental websites, and many more. 

In May of 2013 we signed an exclusive distributing contract with Megahome for the United States. We are very excited about this opportunity to fully represent Megahome distillers and to ensure that every distiller sold is of the highest quality and fully supported.

Megahome Corp is a company that values friends and family values. Their products reflect those values. They have never and will never cut corners or use inferior parts to produce a cheap or the cheapest product. Their goal was simple from the beginning to build a water distiller that would produce safe, clean water for themselves and everyone else. They have done just that for over 20 years.

On our recent visit to Megahome Corp to sign the contract we were provided with a little more insight into their company and values. Many of their employess have been with them for over ten years. When speaking with newer employess they planned on being there for a very long time as well.

When visiting their parts suppliers we also noted a special relationship that has been built from years of working together.  We found this to be the case of each supplier that we visited. On the left is a picture of the family/owner who produces the stainless boil chamber for all Megahome distillers. Being able to see that every part of every unit produced is done from people and families that care truly cemented our confidence in Megahome and for the distiller which we were entering into a contract for. 

After 14 years of business and friendship with Megahome we truly believe we can say we are distributing/servicing the best countertop distiller available!