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Distiller Owner FAQs

FAQs for new distiller users

FAQs for new water distiller users.

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Where is my collection bottle?

If you have just purchased a counter top distiller from us please look inside the water distiller as that is where the collection bottle is shipped. Top of page 

Do I need to use charcoal filters with my water distiller?

The activated charcoal filters that come with each distiller are designed so that you can choose to use or exclude them from the process. You should use the charcoal filters if you believe that your water contains VOCs, the most common being chlorine which is found in all treated city and municipal waters. If you are already filtering your water with a carbon or charcoal filter, or you have a source of water that you believe is VOC free you would not need to use the filter. We recommend NOT using the optional charcoal filter in applications such as Autoclaves, Colloidal Silver Generators, and other equipment requiring the use of distilled water. Top of page


Why does distilled water taste different?

For some individuals who are not familiar with distilled water, the water can taste flat or bland. This can be caused by the removal of minerals which can give water a slightly sweet taste. This problem can be solved by adding a mineral supplement back to the water which will add the mineral flavor back that you are used to, and at the same time provide you with beneficial minerals. Another factor can be the natural removal of some oxygen in the water during the distillation process. This can easily be fixed by simply giving your jug of distilled water a good shake before drinking. Top of page


Should I replace the minerals my distiller is removing?

Not necessarily. The minerals removed from your water are what are considered by most to be useless to the human body and at times even dangerous. So the fact that you are removing the minerals from your water should not be the deciding factor in using a mineral supplement. It is widely accepted that the good minerals that our bodies can breakdown and utilize properly are acquired through foods like fruits and vegetables. If you fell like you are not getting enough minerals though your diet of mineral rich foods, it would be recommended that you use a good quality mineral supplement according to your dietary needs. Top of page


How pure is the water after being distilled?

After being distilled your water should be at purity level of 99-99.9% pure. The range of purity can be affected by what is in your water and how much is in your water. The fact that everyone's water is different and will react differently to distillation explains the small difference in purity level. That being said water distillation provides the purest water that should be suitable in almost all cases, and applications. Top of page


How often do I need to clean my water distiller?

The need to clean your distiller really depends on what and how many contaminates your water contains. For instance minerals such as lime and calcium tend to build up more and require more frequent cleaning. We do recommend rinsing out your distiller regularly as routine maintenance between batches. As you distill subsequent batches of water, simply visually inspect the boil chamber for buildup of residue that can no longer be rinsed out. At this point we recommend using the water distiller residue cleaner (citric acid) to soften the buildup in your distiller. Top of page


Can I stop my distiller while it is running mid-cycle?

Yes! Simply unplug the power cord from the wall to turn the unit off. For larger automatic units just turn the power switch off. When you are ready to resume distilling just plug the distiller back in or turn the switch in and the unit will resume distilling. All of our counter top distillers contain a thermostat that will automatically shut the unit off at the end of the cycle. Top of page


Why is my counter top distiller not producing a full gallon of water?

For new distillers, the most common factor is the plugs of the distiller not being fully inserted. Verify that all the plugs are fully plugged in and verify that when you turn the distiller on, you can audibly hear the fan running. If the fan does not run properly the unit will not cool the water and steam will be forced out of the unit causing it to evaporate into the air. For distillers that are older the most common factors include a damaged or worn gasket that can allow steam to escape during distillation. Top of page


My water distiller is not working, what should I do?

First, double check all of your connections and check your outlet. Try another outlet or plug another appliance in to the outlet that you use for your distiller to make sure you have power. If you have a Megahome brand counter top distiller you can perform the following test. Remove the top fan portion of the distiller and unplug it from the base. Next plug the end of your 6 foot long power cord that normally plugs into the base of your distiller directly into the short cord that come out of the fan. This will help you determine if your power cord and fan are running. Next plug your power cord into just the base with no water in it. Press the reset button and place your hand on the inside and bottom of the boil chamber to see if it warms up. If you discover that one part of your distiller is not working just give us a call 1-800-785-9791 and we can help you figure out what part you need. Top of page


How long can I store distilled water?

Distilled water is as close to pure as you can get and it is bacteria and parasite free. So the length of storage depends more on the containers that you store your distilled water in. We always recommend glass as being the most stable and consistent material for storage when possible. If you can choose a container that will seal and that is contaminate free, your distilled water could potentially be safely stored for months or even years. Top of page


For answers to questions not addressed here, please call us toll-free 1-800-785-9791.