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Worried About Lead In Your Water?

Posted by Caleb Allen on

If you are, you are not alone and rightfully so. It seems that Lead contaminated water is not just a headline for residents of Flint, MI. Since the news broke regarding the poisoned residents of Flint, MI, a surge of cities reporting elevated levels of lead in water has sprung forth. All it takes is a search of the word "Lead" in Google news to bring up dozens of recent reports. 

What can we learn from these recent reports?

Be Proactive. First, you might consider an inexpensive test kit that will test if you have elevated levels of lead in your water. You could also send your water in to a local test lab for the most accurate results. 

Be Prepared. Make sure that you have a source of water or a filter (a water distiller is the best) to remove lead and other impurities if your water is contaminated or could become contaminated.

Stay Informed. The recent news of contaminated water shows that despite modern technology and what are cities might be telling us, contaminated water is a very real danger. Many municipalities including the great city of NY acknowledge that water is often contaminated after it leaves treatment facilities and travels through antiquated pipes containing high levels of lead.